Stand up Comedy – How do you think about it in Viet Nam?

Stand-up comedy is a comedic style. Usually, a comedian performs in front of a live audience, speaking directly to them and the main purpose is make people laugh with humor story or real experience in his life.

We had a lot of actors like George Carlin, Eddie MurphyJeff Dunham or  Pablo Francisco famous with ability parody voices. This art form have been apeared for along time ago from the Western but It just aproached to Viet Nam for few year ago and nobody know it suitable to Vietnamese people or not. But any way for sure it’s make people relax and laugh a lot whenever even it’s mocking some things or some ones. Nguyen Phuc Gia Huy ( Dua Leo) is the one who follow this way to become a standup comedy in Viet Nam. You know I can’t stop laughing whenever Iwatching his clip. Now I wanna sharing it to you and hope you like it.

From now on, he going to some coffeeshop in HCMC to act. You can easily to meet him in Flower coffee shop, “Đỏ” or ” Bệt” coffee. Because almost young people in this place, so they willing to accept a new things and the experiences. If you want to meet him, please don’t forget to call me with because i’m really into this kind of comedy.


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